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[IP] RE: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"

>Just be aware that there are those of
>us that may view you as having less creditability because you use (in 
>opinion) outmoded terminology.

The key there is "in my opinion".  The fact is, the dictionary 
lists "diabetic" as BOTH a noun AND an adjective, and it is fully 
acceptable and proper (NOT outmoded) to use the term either way.

>I think you will find that these are old terms (50+ years in use)
>that more recent chronic diseases don't have such constructions.

Certain forms of words don't allow themselves to be modified in this 
way.  Certain words do.  And, many people have argued that moving to 
more modern terminology is leading to "the downfall of American 
society".  ;-)  Well, not really in those terms...but they see the 
transition from more "proper" English and older-styles to more modern 
forms to be a BAD thing.

>That "a diabetic" is a shorter form or less awkward - I seldom find 
>actually the case, though it may be in some situations. 

You seldom do...but I always prefer diabetic to "person with 
diabetes".  I look for conciseness and clarity when writing, NOT PCness.

>I must assume that you miss other
>subtle denotations in English and miss much of the poetry and meaning
>expressed in English when properly used.

As stated above, "diabetic" as a noun in 100% proper.

>As for being a "pumper", I see that as a choice, one that 
doesn't "brand" me
>a victim of a chronic disease

In case someone hasn't told you with...you ARE the victim of a chronic 
disease.  How is "diabetic" any more branding than "person with 

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