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[IP] Don't you hate it when you cause your own hypo?

My husband and I took the baby to see the Veggie Tales movie Saturday night. He did very well, sitting happily in a seat
between us for almost an hour before deciding it would be more fun to go visit the arcade and steal other people's skeeballs.
Anyway, a few hours later when I was ready for bed, I tested. The machine read 17.
No WAY!! So I tested again (like I thought anti-sugar was on my hand affecting the test). This one was 19. I didn't feel low,
but I started drinking Sunny Delight which is the "crack" of juices. My husband was really concerned and for some reason I
began speaking in an odd English accent to prove that my mind wasn't affected (?). I think I was going for a Gwenneth Paltrow.
Then I had a hysterical crying jag because he threatened to call my mother to make me drink more juice when I complained that
it didn't taste good after just a few sips.
Anyway, I went through the denial that I could possibly be that low and those feelings of "this isn't fair! I don't want to
drink juice. I want to go to bed. This isn't fair!" and was a big, tear soaked idiot for a while there.
It turns out that I had way overbolused for the popcorn. I have a standard amount that I usually bolus and I hadn't eaten
nearly as much popcorn as usual. It's hard to count the kernals.
But the biggest thing that made me so mad was that I did it to myself.

Sherry C
>From the  massive city of Bowling Green KY
Who loves to eat the popcorn
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