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Re: [IP] RE: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"

>  <snip>With regard to those
> that don't see it as an issue - fine.  Just be aware that there are those 
> of
> us that may view you as having less creditability because you use (in my
> opinion) outmoded terminology.
 <snip>As to those that don't see a difference between "being a diabetic" and
"having diabetes" I extend my sympathy.  I must assume that you miss other
subtle denotations in English and miss much of the poetry and meaning
expressed in English when properly used.

WHAT? I appologize for those that are not offended by this, and maybe I am 
over reacting to this, but I am just stumped as to why you would say that 
because I use both "diabetic" and "having diabetes"  I am less credible. 
Excuse me? Less credible for what? For my opinions? For my knowledge about 
the disease I have lived with for 14 years? You are intitled to your opinion, 
but that does not mean that you can cut down other people. I may not have a 
college degree (I am currently a junior/senior in college) but that does not 
mean that I am not inteligent. I love studying english, write poetry and 
enjoy greatly wrintting poetry. How doesusing diabetic vs having diabetes 
leads to missing subtle denotations in English? I am confused. I respect the 
fact that you voiced your opinion, Beverely is correct, it is a great thing 
about living in the USofA. But I do believe you are out of line in attacking 
people's credibility and  education.

A girl with an opinion  (opinion's my differ and that's ok!)

dxd 1998 age 7  pumping 1992
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