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[IP] RE: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"

Hi all -

I've been reading and reading all of the responses about what to be called..
some responses I agree with and others I feel are a little out there.

Anyways, here's my story and my response for those who wish to know...

I was diagonosed 5 1/2 years ago.. the day before my 33rd birthday I ended up
in the hospital with ketoacidosis (sp?), my bloodsugar was 948, I was severly
dehydrated, my potassium levels were almost depleated and the doctors in the
intensive care unit told me that I was very "lucky to be alive" (and I was!!).
Had I not gone to the doctor 2 days prior and demanded bloodwork the doctors
feel I would have slipped into a diabetic coma and died over that weekend.
(Just for the record, I had gone to my doctors 5 weeks in a row with vomiting,
peeing and severe flu like symtpoms only to be told that I had the flu and a
sinus infection!!  I no longer go to that doctor!)

I can honestly say that I wish I didn't have diabetes... however, I do.. and
because I do I've learned to incorporate it into my life and live with it.
That's all... plain and simple.  I have it, there's no getting rid of it (at
the moment) and so I live with it... as do my husband and our three
children... and my parents, my brothers & sister and their families, my
in-laws and their families, all of my friends and their families, my childrens
friends, the women I do PTA with at our schools... anyone who touches my life
that I choose to tell!!!!

As for being "labled"... I'm a diabetic.  I'm a person who has diabetes.  I'm
a pumper.  I'm a mother.  I'm a wife.  I'm a daugher.  I'm a daugher-in-law.
I'm a sister.  I'm a sister-in-law.  I'm an aunt.  I'm a cousin.  I'm a
friend.  I'M A PERSON!!!!

Anyways, that's my 2 cents!  Sorry it's so l-o-n-g... thanks for listening!!

-Lori  (38 years old .. dxd 02/27/1997 .. paradigm pumping since 09/03/02)
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