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Re: [IP] starting on rapid in pump

On 7 Oct 2002 at 15:01, liz wrote:

> i don't know how many of you went from (as i am) nph and regular by
> needles to just the rapid acting (novolin product in my case) in the
> pump.  how long did it take for your blood sugar numbers to get fairly
> normal? 

It took me a couple of weeks to get all the Ultralente out of my system (I had switched to 
U from NPH 2 months before)   Then it took me about 6 weeks to discover what my basal 
settings were, which were later refined.  And it took about 9 months before my A1c 
dropped a full point.

So switching from MDI to Pumping is never an overnight thing.  That is one reason I will 
NEVER consider going back to Ultralente or worse, that poison called NPH!     ;>P

George    :>)
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