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[IP] Minimed 508 instr. book

Hi everyone,

I am trying to find an instruction book that comes with a MiniMed 508 insulin 
pump.  I am getting a pump second hand and the previous owner does not have 
the booklet that came with it.  With the recent upgrade program to the 
Paradigm, does anyone have their old book laying around that I might be able 
to have it? 

Hate to be crummy, but as a recent, (I quit about five years ago), nonsmoker, 
I would prefer it from a nonsmoking home.  The smell of cigarette smoke 
nauseates me now!

Please e-mail me directly since I have archive only status on the IP page.  I 
will most likely not get it if you don't.  Thanks so much for your help.

Cee Dee
email address:   email @ redacted
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