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[IP] AAaaahh 24.8!!!!

<<I left home 3 hours ago sugar was 6.4(115) and still had tiny bit of 
insulin working, just got home from babysitting and tested at 24.8(464)!!!!  
now I didn't eat a thing didn't even drink any water, just went and watched a 
movie with the kids!!. >>

These sort of numbers happen often with my little girl.  Yesterday she was 
5.2 (95), a while later  we went to the store and she ate some protein items. 
 When we returned she tested and was 24.2, with a hand wash and re-test 
showing 22.9 (420).  What caused it??  Who knows, it was too soon to be a 
result of the protein.  However, a correction bolus and then a bolus to go 
with her bedtime snack left her at 6.0 (107) at 1:30 a.m. and 5.8 (105) at 
7:45 this morning and 6.1 (110) at lunch today.  So it wasn't a virus 
starting, or a set gone bad.  Just one of those endless things that always 
affect her.

Good luck
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 
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