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[IP] Re: My self-employed insurance questions

To clarify--we pay a little over $460 per month for both of us.  We are
allowed to call ourselves two individual employees of a small group.  We dont
have kids, so that doesn't factor in.

We have one of those prescription plans $10, $20, or$40 (for nonformulary
meds.)  Twenty percent is my share for pump supplies.  Hubby is hitting age 45
in November, and I follow next year so I assume rate increase will be coming.
Our last rate increase was over 34 percent.

He thinks we are paying too much and would do better with a PPO, but it sounds
to me like we're not really paying as much as some of you are (though if we
were on a family plan we would be).

Like I said, they do give me 300 strips per month for $20, and two vials of
Novolog for $20. We only have two hospital systems to choose from, and one is
University run and the county health facility.  You dont want to use that
place because you will never find a place to park, nor will you see a doctor
in any reasonable length of time.

Ardent Systems (from I dont know where) has recently purchased the hospital
system we do use.  It will be interesting to see if they make any changes.  I
sure could use more Endo's to choose from!
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