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[IP] Re: Self-Employed Insurance Question

> Hi All:  My husband and I are wondering if as self-employed people with
> two employees (us) are we best off financially with an HMO?  I get 300
> per month for $20, and most of my meds are at a $20 co-pay.  So are
> visits.  Pump supplies are twenty percent paid, and pumps are 80 percent
> paid.
> We pay over $460 per month and it seems like a lot, but are we best to
> with that kind of deal?  Our physicians are limited to two hospital
systems (I
> am almost out of Endos) but we like most of our doctors just fine.

By saying *we pay over $460* I'm presuming (don't want to ass-u-me) that is
the total monthly premium. That sounds pretty good to me - we're paying (for
two of us) $822.86 a mo. for COBRA. Your co-pays also sound good since we
have $20, $30, and $60 depending on generic, brand, or non-formulary. Are
you saying YOU have to pay 80% for pump supplies? That part seems pretty
unusual, however. I just think it's great that you can find this for only 2
of you for self-employment - without a group. (~_^)

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