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[IP] Re: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"; PC-ness

> I hope I don't come off as "politically correct", but I personally 
> "diabetic" used as a noun.  It is old-fashioned 

i honestly don't find anything wrong with something being "old-fashioned"; new fashioned things
are *always* more cumbersome and take longer to say, and they foster an infuriating culture of
eggshell-walkers. as an african american person i find this annoying; you have no idea how many 
people whom (as they are terrified of offending me) i have to actually give *permission* to use
the term "black" in my presence. not that i prefer one over the other for any other reason than
pure brevity; by the time they get *past* the actual conglomerate of words, i am miles ahead on
the next thought. i am also tired of people being afraid of me; i don't need another term
redefined as offensive, another reason for them to be afraid. 

> However, websites do significantly influence people.  
Instead of
> "recipes for diabetics" I would rather see "diabetes friendly 
recipes" or
> even "recipes with nutritional content" since in reality if you pump 
> have decent control you CAN eat whatever you want if you know the
> nutritional content.

i agree with this part. anyone can eat healthy, and recipe names need to reflect this. again, 
however, i think what needs to go is not the noun/adjective "diabetic" but rather the
closed-minded assumptions and misconceptions people hold about what we can/cannot eat or do. as
with racism, it is not lip service to nonoffense that i wish for-- it is a change in people's
minds, and i think it is a grave mistake to merely substitute one for the other. if i stop using
the word "diabetic", it will not educate those who are unaware of diabetes. however, i *can*
educate them myself-- and if the noun "diabetic" is preserved in the lexicon, it'll take me a heck
of a lot shorter time to do so. rather than changing "old-fashioned" words, let's work to change
"old-fashioned" ideas.

> I am not my disease, I have a disease.

respectfully, i disagree; diabetes is one of the things that makes me who i am. i AM becky, and
becky IS a diabetic. it is something which, while a problem, is also such an integral and intimate
factor in who and what i am that i cannot and will not separate it from myself. so if you looked
at the list of things that becky is, you'd see things like student, Christian, musician, swim
coach, diabetic. "having" diabetes makes me a "diabetic," just like "having" certain anatomical
gadgets makes me a "girl." i don't have a problem with being defined by this. the old-fashioned
idea i'd like to change is that "diabetics" are [insert stereotype here]; i'd like to replace that
with the idea that "diabetics" can do anything they want to. i don't have a problem being "a
diabetic," because you know what? "diabetics" ROCK! =D

**stepping down from her soapbox now...**

becky, who was also never accused of being politically-or-any-other-kind-of-correct =)
(dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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