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Re: [IP] Hurricane Preparedness

Allie wrote:
"For those living in coastal/hurricane prone areas: Do you do anything
with regard to diabetes, to prepare for approaching hurricanes? Do you
evacuate no matter what ... just make sure you have plenty of supplies on
hand, or maybe play it by ear?"

Hi Allie,
We live in the SE Coastal area of NC (4 mi from the ocean), and so far just
have made sure to have plenty of supplies on hand.
We put everything imaginable into zip lock bags then a large plastic storage
container, and use from it (refilling as get new stuff) during "The Season."
Also have to have a container ready with all the stuff for our pets such as
food, bottled water, disposable litter pans, Rabies tags, meds, plastic
bags, lots of old towels/sheets, pictures of each, and carriers at the
Since we have 4 geriatric cats, 3 have health problems (1 has diabetes),
evacuation is the last resort.  So far here, we've been lucky to not have
had a major strike though N/S have.  Some folks plan to evacuate no matter
what, but most now do not.  Hope this helps, but ultimately you have to do
what makes you feel the safest.
If you'd like the complete list of all we have/do just in case, feel free to
E-mail us privately.

Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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