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[IP] RE: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"

>I completey agree.  I never use the word "diabetic" and cringe when others
>do.  I hate how the school nurse refers to the children in her schools as
>"my diabetics."

Personally, I've been "a diabetic" since I was age 9, and it has never
bothered me.  It matters little to me and to others whether I'm "a person
with a diabetes", "a diabetic person", or just "a diabetic".  All means the
same thing, there is nothing offensive about it in the slightest.

But, due to some postings on this board, I did change the description of my
Logbook DM software to NOT use the term "a diabetic" in the
description...but only because I never knew "diabetics" didn't like the

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