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Re: [IP] RE: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"

I completey agree.  I never use the word "diabetic" and cringe when others
do.  I hate how the school nurse refers to the children in her schools as
"my diabetics."


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> I hope I don't come off as "politically correct", but I personally dislike
> "diabetic" used as a noun.  It is old-fashioned and at least in the US we
> don't name people after their diseases (I have never seen a "cancerian",
> "HIVian", or a "herpeite").  How people write casually is really no
> of mine.  However, websites do significantly influence people.  Instead of
> "recipes for diabetics" I would rather see "diabetes friendly recipes" or
> even "recipes with nutritional content" since in reality if you pump and
> have decent control you CAN eat whatever you want if you know the
> nutritional content.
> I am not my disease, I have a disease.
> Matt
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