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RE: [IP] RE: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"

Sure we do Matt.
Hemophiliac, asthmatic, paraplegic are a few that come to mind.

Just because someone might be referred to as a 'diabetic' doesn't mean it
has to define exclusively what/who they are, anymore than being referred to
as the person with diabetes. The dictionary definition for diabetic is 'a
person who has diabetes', so just look at it as an abbreviation. I think
it's more often used as an adjective, than a noun.

Feel free to think and call it what you want, but to me it's merely
semantics. cause there's much bigger issues than to be offended by diabetic
being used as a noun. JMO

Hey, how did I get on this soapbox?? Stepping down.......

Mike(never been accused of being PC)
-----Original Message-----
From: Just Me

I hope I don't come off as "politically correct", but I personally dislike
"diabetic" used as a noun.  It is old-fashioned and at least in the US we
don't name people after their diseases (I have never seen a "cancerian",
"HIVian", or a "herpeite").

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