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Re: [IP] Re: neuropathy

My normal tendency is to be at +2 edema in my legs and feet.  My doc's idea
was to relieve the pressure on the nerves by diuressing me.

Right now, I'm on 14 different meds and I'm being treated by three different
doctors.  I'm sure my doctor knows just how thrilled (NOT) I'd be to take
another medication.

For now, I've got feeling in my left foot.  I just came down with gout!

> How will depleting your system of more fluid with diuretics help that
> pain? Then he says, "If necessary...." - IOW he thinks it's going to
> automatically go away without treatment? Get on one of those meds now or
> it's going to get worse and you can't stand it. I'm sure it's difficult
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