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[IP] Brand New Paradigm Shows Alrm 01 Jan Rf Bad (Help Please)

    When I sent a message the other day telling everyone my MiniMed Paradigm
pump arrived I also mentioned how I found an alarm in the Alarm History that
read 01 Jan 2000 Rf Bad. I tested the remote and it works fine. I figured the
Rf Bad would have something to do with the remote.
    I called tech support anyway and the tech trainee spoke to her trainer who
advised that when the new battery was put in by me it causes this alarm to
show in history. I thought it was just a software glitch on powerup or
something to that effect.
    I got a response from Jan Clinthorne who said she received a new pump and
it had the same alarm in the alarm history and the tech swapped it out because
he/she was uncomfortable with that.
    Now since MiniMed has already created an inconsistency with me even before
I start using the pump I am concerned and I am looking for another informed
opinion. If it is a software glitch that just causes the alarm to show in
history it isn't a big deal, but if others have had problems with pumps
arriving with this alarm in history I would like to know about it.
Thank You,
Cody S. Alderson
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