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[IP] Re: ACE Inhibitors

IP] Re: ACE Inhibitors
  Here's the problem (isn't there always one?).  I take a
> medication  (Florinef) to *raise* my bp (as well as to maintain salt and
> potassium).  If I take an ACE, aren't they sort of going to cancel each
> other out?
Weird Jenn

I have been taking Zestril for many years and just started on Florinef  last
June after several episodes of passing out from low blood pressure. (I
originally thought I was having weird hypos , duh!!)  I have seen three
endos since  and none suggested I give up the Zestril although one told me
he no longer automatically puts his diabetic patients on ACE inhibitors (he
reviewed the literature on the studies done and was not
convinced that the populations studied - I believe he said type 2s- could
justify his putting type 1s on a medication for so many years without better

I hate the Florinef as it makes my fingers swell,  Endo #3 said  I could try
taking half the dose but the pills are hard to split so I am getting uneven
amounts. How much Florinef are you on?

I'd love to stop the Zestril if it allowed me to get off the Florinef but I
do have some proteinuria so I guess I'll have to stick with it.  :-(

Denise Guerin
Type 1 48 years
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