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Re: [IP] RE: breastfeeding and diabetes

In a message dated 10/4/2002 8:08:44 PM Central Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> My son was  nursing on demand at diagnosis.  The dietician and doctor told
> me
> he could only nurse with meals after being diagnosed.  I was scared about
> the
> diabetes and listened to them.  (I was also pregnant.)  In retrospect, I
> should have continued to nurse on demand, as his bgs were erratic
> anyway...and the trauma of the diagnosis was no way to begin to wean.  I
> think La Leche League should have a pamphlet about babies and toddlers with
> diabetes...and empower the moms to continue to nurse on demand.

Ellen,   I too was nursing on demand when Zachary was diagnosed.   Luckily
for me,  I was and am a La Leche League counselor.   I was able to make
the necessary phone calls and within less than 12 hours receive the faxes
(of Lactation Journal studies on IDDM/Breastfeeding)  I needed from La Leche
League International to present to the Endo's that weaning would be the worse

thing for him both emotionally and physically.

Reluctantly, the team agreed.   And we continued our normal pattern,
while educating the entire floor on the benefits of breastfeeding.    Soon
none of the nurses would even consider suggesting we do a blood sugar
check or injection until they'd ask him if he'd like to nurse while they did
it  :)

La Leche League has MANY pamplets in MANY languages on MANY
topics, however, we can't quite cover everything.    However, All it should
ever take is a phone call to a local leader, or to LLL Int'l (1-800-LALECHE)
to get the information you need about breastfeeding under any circumstances.
If someone doesn't have the info personally,  they follow the chain of
command to get the info for you which includes a team of Doctors as
well as lawyers to help Moms as needed.

All pregnant mothers,  especially ones with IDDM should seriously consider
breastfeeding their babies for their little ones protection.     They might
still end up with IDDM, but at least it will be postponed as long as possible
by not using formula/dairy products.


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