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Re: [IP] Re: Co-ordinating Prescription refills

You go girl!

I completely agree with you!  I could get my prescriptions filled a week
before I run out.  But, then again, I could be struck by lightening on the
way home and waste all those meds! <G>

It sounds like both you and I rely on ourselves and have an ability to make
friends with pharmacy people who care and understand about our conditions.
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> >Think of what the above entails:
> * Extra trips to the pharmacy using either gas and/or time. If you have
> $$ for the gas, not everyone has the spare time traveling and waiting in a
> pharmacy for supplies. The time can be better utilized.
> * The conversations about you by the employees when they see you coming
> after you leave and are out of earshot. Probably some pretty interesting
> *opinions.*  You might not make it in time one of these trips - an
> involving someone else holding up the process, or your own.* A power
> may cause the store's computers be rendered useless and they cannot refill
> nor transfer any of the Rx's.
> * In another storm you'd be relying on someone else to access your
> when they could be helping someone who through no fault of their own needs
> emergency care. It could mean their life or death.<
> Well Luckily my pharmacy is at the end of my street - less than a 5 min
> walk, and is open 24 hours a day.  In the case that there is a power
> the pharmacist know me well enough ( 16yrs of D) to give me what I need
> without using computer, they have givin me meds without percription,
> ,syringes and insulin but not pills etc, while waiting on doctors return
> phone call to renew prescription, my pharmacy calls the doc when a refill
> order is needed.  They realize that that these are medically nessisary and
> while you can miss use insulin they know me not to, and I mean am I really
> goning to miss use 300 test strips before they get the prescription to
> to my insurance? I think not.
> Somehow I doubt they talk about me behind my back I know them well and
> truthfull I really could care less.  Talk all they want!  I've only once
> totally out of insulin, the rest of the times I get it when I start my
> vial which last a weekish.  as for syringes if I run  out I can always
> the last one a few times till I get some, and test strips well you can buy
> those at any drug store so if the pharmacy has some natural disaster, well
> I'm out a bit of cash for a few weeks!  The only thing I run into trouble
> without is my pills for my stomach and I've yet in 4 years to of run out
> not get a refill in time so I'm living on the edge for that I guess but
> why not.
>   Sure there could be some kind of accident or something on the way and I
> wouldn't get refills but then again I could stock up for a couple months
> my house could burn down with all that $$ costly meds inside, what the
> chance of it happening ?  My insurance will only pay for 3months supplies
> advance so if 3 months worth burned up then I'd be out of pocket alot of
> cash but if 1month or less burned up thats less cash out of pocket ......
> Did I metion I can call in my refills and pick them up later so it'll take
> maybe 10 min max of my time to walk there pick it up and walk home,
> I think I can manage!
> Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
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