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[IP] sydne will soon be pumping!!

well, we finally persuaded our endo (one of the 2 we have been using) to 
give us the saline trial! Actually, it was Beverly White that persuaded him 
to let us try it. I have never been so excited, nervous, scared, and anxious 
before! I know we will do fine, especially since we have the collective 
knowledge of 4,000 successful pumpers worldwide at our fingertips, but, 
nonetheless, it's still going to be a big change. Sydne is pretty pumped 
(pardon the pun) about getting one, even though it won't be the "real" one 
until we can demonstrate our competence. Since there aren't any doctors in 
the Dallas/Fort Worth area putting kids under 7 (some even want to wait til 
10) on pumps, we are going to be under the microscope of many other D teams 
and parents alike. We accept the challenge/opportunity gladly and hope to 
help change things in this area and others as well.
BTW, Mike S. and his "hard sell" had only a little bit to do with our 
decision to go with Animas ;)>  I did my own research and for a lot of 
reasons we decided to go with the A (customer service being one of the 
biggest). I am not dogging any of the other pumps because I actually liked 
the Paradigm alot, too. The Cozmo is a really cool featured pump, but...we 
could only go with one, so we chose A.

Steve  Dad to Sydne(3) dx'd 11/01

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