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RE: [IP] Sorry, The Animas Experiment is Over


I don't think that the animas is "bad" pump, per se.  That being said, I'm not
sure why you are so "shocked".  I had a major pump failure occur within the
first seven hours of use.  Once tech support got the pump to "reboot", they
were satisfied that all was well and expected me to simply reconnect w/o an
explanation as to the rhyme or reason for the failure.  It was the no harm, no
foul assertion of tech support that made me feel as uncomforatble, if not more
so than the actual pump alarm itself.

These sort of things dont exactly inspire confidence when they are relied upon
for sustenance of life .

As for the "quirks" that I described in another thread, that's all they were,
quirks.  They are not the reason behind my choice of discontinuing my Animas
IR1000 trial.  Every pump has it's own quirks.  In the case of the 507C, the
MM pump du jor in 1998, it was "clicky" motor, and flimsy door of the demo
pump the MM rep had brought with him.  The Paradigm, has short battery life, a
2/3 size cartridge, and reports of volatile memory issues.  As far as the
Animas IR1000, I'm not sure If I got a bad one,  had bad luck of it going bad
on the 1st day of use, or "did" something wrong to incite the alarm.  What I
do know is that I'm not willing to play poker when it comes to pump use.  It's
got some nice features, some of which might very well appeal to parents of
young pumpers.  I'm just not willing to commit to 4 years of use of one.

Keith wrote:
Hey Harry,

I'm shocked to hear that you're dissatisfied with the Animus pump. There are
a couple of people here who could perhaps help you figure out a way to deal
with some of the IR1000 quirks.

Though I don't use the IR1000, I found that it was a good pump and would
meet my basic pumping needs. However, during my researching phase prior to
going live with a pump, I discovered that the Paradigm pump both met and
exceeded my needs in a much more refined and easier-to-use way. I love the
fact that:

1) it's waterproof; has both Dual and Square Wave extended bolus features
for up to eight hours

2) it has a vibrate or audio mode (either of which can be turned off, I

3) it has a larger view screen backlight

4) the ESCAPE button allows you to immediately exit a menu and return to the
previous if you make a mistake (why don't all pumps have this?)

5) fewer key presses allow you to accomplish whatever you're trying to do,

6) no microscopic-sized batteries to fumble with, especially if you tend to
fat-finger things

7) it comes packaged with a fantastic workbook, user-guide, and video - any
of which will give you all the info you need to quickly get pumping and
enjoying all the Paradigm features

I could go on, but I shouldn't. I'm starting to sound like Mike S. pulling
one of his hard sells for the Animas (just ribbing you, Mike!)

Maybe I missed an earlier post, but is there a reason that you're not
looking into the Paradigm? If so, disregard this message. I'm not familiar
with the Disetronic pumps so I can't comment on them. Most of all, best of
luck with your choice of pump.


Keith G.
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