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Re: [IP] insurance and marriage

Where I work, I've seen people living together file an affidavit of domocile or
a domestic partnership agreement and be able to get insurance benefits through
the company as if they were married.  You might look into this.

> > .  So I had this bright idea that 
> > maybe we could get legally married in November, just go before a Judge and 
> > get 
> > the license, nothing else, and have the regular ceremony like we normally 
> > would 
> > have in March.  I would change my name in March.  We live together and have
> > a 
> > joint bank account already.  Then I could get on his health insurance when 
> > my 
> > job here ends, and not need COBRA.  Is that legal?  Is it insurance fraud? 
> > Is 
> > it a practical idea?  Anything I may not have thought of?  What are the 
> > rules 
> > about being married and getting on a spouse's insurance?  Thanks!

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