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Re: [IP] Re-send, mailer problems --------> Web Site: New Fea

Mr. Berkowitz has been removed from the IP list for sending 
advertising material on the list. Insulin Pumpers does not sponsor, 
support or have anything to do with Mr Berkowitz or his organization.

email @ redacted

Date sent:        Fri, 4 Oct 2002 11:20:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:          [IP] Re-send, mailer problems    --------> Web Site:
New Features From:             "Arnold Berkowitz" <email @ redacted>
To:               <email @ redacted> Send reply to:   
email @ redacted

> Friends,
>      This is something that has been under
> development for a while.  I am still
> modifying page content, re-designing the
> look and feel of the site, and adding
> other link pages and information. Please
> take a look, sign in, browse, download
> files and feel free to upload anything you
> might feel will interest others.
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