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[IP] Re: Co-ordinating Prescription refills

> I'm am terrible at refilling all my prescriptions at the same time. >

I believe it's a part of maturity and wisdom. ;-)  It is a verrrrrry foolish
practice to wait so long for life-giving/sustaining items when it is a known
fact and not an after-the-fact realization, like: DUH, why didn't I think of
that before! Think of what the above entails:
* Extra trips to the pharmacy using either gas and/or time. If you have the
$$ for the gas, not everyone has the spare time traveling and waiting in a
pharmacy for supplies. The time can be better utilized.
* The conversations about you by the employees when they see you coming and
after you leave and are out of earshot. Probably some pretty interesting
* You might not make it in time one of these trips - an accident, involving
someone else holding up the process, or your own.
* A power outage may cause the store's computers be rendered useless and
they cannot refill nor transfer any of the Rx's.
* In another storm you'd be relying on someone else to access your supplies
when they could be helping someone who through no fault of their own needs
emergency care. It could mean their life or death.

This is all I can come up with at the present time, however, I hope the
point is taken.

>  Does everyone else have this problem or are you guys just better at this
prescription thing? >

Is that a question to valid the lack of responsibility? Probably there are
others like this, but certainly do not hope/expect that *everyone* has this
same problem. BTW, *everyone* is 4% of the people - parents, you can tell
your children that when they say, But, EVERYONE else is/does/has.....

Jan - who puts out close to $300.00 at once in co-pays for 8 Rx's

Everyone should always remember, never say everyone, always, or never.
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