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re: [IP] Middle of the Night checks

>> Usually, we check when we are going to bed (11pm-12am) and then once or
>> more according to when he last ate, and what that 11pm check was. It is
>> exhausting for us, but we feel it is important. Years ago, we read an
>> about the "Dead in Bed Syndrome" and it scared us to death! That is what
>> our sleepy butts out of bed each night!

Us too - since February 9th of 2000 (the day our son was diagnosed). 
Middle of the night checks really do get exhausting. But we've caught
several lows 
and a few highs as well. Sometimes the bedtime check is fine and he will
unexpectedly drop low overnight. There have been a few nights I was
exhausted and 
accidentally turned off my alarm without checking him. Some of those times
he woke 
up the next morning in the high 300s. I'm sure those were rebounds. Thank
God his 
own Glucagon worked!

Most nights he is just fine. But out of the hundreds and hundreds of nights
since he has been diagnosed, there have been many lows, and they were not

As always, it is nice to know we are in good company on this list :)

Mom to Ryan (5 and pumping since 8/17/2000)
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