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Re:[IP] blood/bone marrow donation

Becky wrote:

every fall my college holds a massive blood drive coupled with a drive to get 
people tested for a
national bone marrow registry. i am very much interested in getting involved, 
but i don't know
whether i am allowed to do either. i have heard conflicting reports on 
whether or not diabetics
can give blood or donate marrow. i'm a registered organ donor, which the 
virginia dmv didn't seem
to have a problem with even though they know about my diabetes. if i can't 
participate, i'll still
work to get other people to get tested, but i would love to be able to be  a 
part of it myself.

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

It depends on who is collecting the blood:  

The American Red Cross accepts insulin dependent diabetics for blood 
donations.  I got this information from fellow IP'er Ed Marsh 
(email @ redacted) of Richmond, VA.
United Blood Services in the southwest US does not, but I'm working on that.

The Registry may not be able to use you for donations, but by having your 
data, they might be able to get a close match in one of your relatives.  You 
never really know what odd circumstances can happen!

  Katherine Nelson & MyHope2 (the pump)
dx T2 '86, T1 '96, 
MM 508 - 5/15/01, MM 511 - 9/13/02
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