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Re: [IP] Any info on the D-Tron Plus?

> I've read up the review @ Diabetes.net, received Disetronic's 2 page 
> brochure,
> and I'm supposed to get my hands on one @ the end of the October 
> from my rep.
> Has anyone seen/used one?
> Btw....I think it looks sharp, and is a 2-pump system like the 
> H-Tron Plus.
> Unless it is unwieldy in size, it is the likely candidate to win out 
> for my
> 2nd pump.  New H-Tron Plus is second choice.  Will be trying the 

Hi,      Not the D-Tron Plus but the D-Tron
I have used the D-Tron for over a year now and the H-Tron for 
6 years before it. Both have been GREAT!!! Both are a comfortable
hand full, D-Tron is slimmer and slightly longer very easy to hold due 
to the slight taper. Also having a built in pump rod means fewer spare 
supplies to carry around.  I would still use the H-Tron if the D was 
not available. It would be second choice. Sorry but I think the MM 
has to many gimmicks like the Remote,. and not water resistant.
And I have used the Insight Web site to load pump data.

Yes I have had problems with both but not the problems that MM 
seems to have and the Am  is to new to really have a history. I can say 
I love the water resistance and I was one of those who helped make 
the D-Tron a 2 pump system when I had my first problem with the
 pump rod. I can say as I have from day one, 7 years ago next week, 
"They will have to pry it from my dead hands. I really love my pump. 
And if anyone has questions for me I will be happy to answer.

John LaMaide
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