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[IP] Is this a *Breakthrough*????

This was a report on the BBC  10/4/02. I dont know about anyway else but the
one I received it from has been using this type of regime in New York since
about 10 years ago.


Friday, 4 October, 2002, 00:35 GMT 01:35 UK
*Diabetics 'freed from strict diets'*
Insulin injection
Some 350,000 Britons have type I diabetes
A new treatment regime for patients with type I diabetes looks set to
transform the lives of millions of people with the disease.

A study by doctors in England has found that simple adjustments to the
amount of insulin patients take allows them to eat almost anything they

The vast majority of people with the disease currently have to follow
strict diets to ensure their sugar levels remain stable.

This is a fantastic breakthrough and offers people with diabetes the
chance of a more spontaneous, normal life

Suzanne Lucas, Diabetes UK

Doctors said the breakthrough would enable patients "to fit diabetes
into their lives rather than their lives into diabetes".

Dr Simon Heller and colleagues at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield
enrolled 169 patients with type I diabetes into their insulin dose
adjustment for normal eating (DAFNE) trial.

*Slow uptake*

The theory that patients with type I diabetes can eat anything they wish
as long as they adjust their insulin intake was first developed in Germany.

However, it has been slow to take off in other parts of the world,
including the UK. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence is
currently assessing the programme.

The Sheffield doctors divided the patients into two groups.

The first received training on how to adjust their insulin intake to
take account of their changing diet. The second group received their
usual treatment.

After six months, the doctors found that those in the first group had
more stable blood sugar levels despite the fact that they had to take
insulin injections more often.

They also reported greater satisfaction with treatment, general
wellbeing and quality of life.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, the doctors said the findings
had the potential to dramatically improve the lives of people with type
I diabetes.

"We have shown in a group of volunteers that skills training in insulin
adjustment that provides patients with the ability to fit diabetes into
their lives rather than their lives into diabetes improves quality of
life and glycaemic control in the short term.

"The DAFNE approach has the potential to reduce the incidence of
microvascular complications and thereby protect quality of life in the
long term as well as the short term."

They said further research is needed to see if the findings could apply
to all patients with type I diabetes. But they estimate that at least
half could benefit from this approach.

They added that the programme could help the NHS to save money by
reducing the cost of treating patients who develop kidney disease and
eye problems.

*'Fantastic breakthrough'*

The charity Diabetes UK described the findings as "fantastic".

Suzanne Lucas, its director of care, said: "DAFNE has been a liberating
experience for people on the trial. Many people found their whole
lifestyle and outlook on life has improved following the course and with
better diabetes control their worries about complications have reduced.

"Participants also found they were able to travel abroad without
worrying about missing a meal or eating on time.

"This is a fantastic breakthrough and offers people with diabetes the
chance of a more spontaneous, normal life."

Type 1 diabetes develops if the body is unable to produce any insulin.
This type of diabetes usually appears before the age of 40.

An estimated 350,000 people in the UK have type I diabetes. That figure
is expected to increase substantially in the years ahead because of poor
diet and people exercising less.
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