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Re: [IP] Re: Testing in the Middle of the Night

We were told by our first endo practice to test at night until we got him
"stabilized."  Although they would only prescribe NPH and regular so he
never would have come close to being "stable" if we had stayed with them.
Still, they did tell me to stop testing after several weeks.  NPH peaked far
too erratically for him to ever consider sleeping through the night.  Scott
never wakes up for the middle of the night checks so I really don't feel his
sleep is being disturbed.  He has only woken up for 1 low in the 14 months
that he has had diabetes.  Also, because he is a growing child, his insulin
needs can change dramatically.  So to keep him healthy and happy and ready
to start the day, and so that I can sleep more peacefully feeling that all
is secure, we continue to do night-time testing.  I know that sometime soon
we will have a continuous, real-time glucose sensor and that will be
wonderful.  Not just for overnight, but sports, being away from home, etc.


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> I guess what I was wondering is:  when your child was diagnosed, were
> you told specifically to test them every night?  Or was that something
> you decided on your own was a good idea?  If you were told  specifically
> to test at night, was it presented as something your child  would have
> to do for the rest of his/her life?  Or just while they were  young, or
> while their bg's were being stabilized?  I would guess  (possibly?) that
> hypos might be more dangerous for a young child than  for an adult, and
> that children might not be as skilled at recognizing them  or waking up
> on their own at night knowing they're having a low bg.  Is  that why
> nighttime checks seem to be more recommended for children  than for
> adults?
> Laura
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