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Re: [IP] Need Solvent Option For Sensitive Skin

At 10:43 PM 10/3/02 -0400, you wrote:
 >    Reading about the Detachol and Mastisol giveaway because of a rash got me
 >thinking about my own skin sensitivity. I got cut a few months ago on my left
 >arm, and I still have a red mark from the cut as well as from the tape of the
 >small bandage that was covering it.
 >    I used a sample of IV 3000 and it came of clean with no residue and no
 >reaction after two days. I'm not sure if the MiniMed Quickset will be the 
 >so I am asking now to get opinions on a solvent that can do the job of
 >removing residue but has low incidence of skin reactions.

Mineral (baby) oil works wonders and is very gentle on the skin, especially 
if you can get the unscented version.

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