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[IP] I AM SO ANGRY (trying this again)

Thanks everyone for your messages & support with the
Pacificare denial of the Animas pump today.

I've already exchanged several e-mails with one of the
Animas' reps who has been working my case.  Have also
spoken with a regional manager of their sales division
who plans to fly into Denver to have lunch with me and
the ombudsperson.  It's a start to the next level of

And the attorney boyfriend and I have talked about how
to focus on the legal aspect of Pacificare telling me
how to treat my diabetes.  A call to the insurance
commissioner is on my list to do on Friday.

To someone who asked - am using MM507c currently.  The
Paradigm works exactly the same (same basal rate
increment) except it has bells & whistles the 507c
doesn't have.  Yes, I started pumping in 1985 (I can't
remember the brand, but it used rechargeable batteries
that swelled up).  Due to the metal alloy used in the
needles in the old days I had to stop pumping in 1988
until technology caught up with me.  Back on the pump
with the MM506 in 1992 or '93.  

My A1c's have NEVER been below 7.0.  I run high rather
than bottoming out with a .1u change to my basal.

Oh - I WON my tennis match tonight.  She didn't know
what ran over her - I'd never beat this opponent
before! :-)

Keep up the supportive thoughts - I'll need all the
help I can gather!  

Onward and upward.  Thanks again.

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11, pumping since 1985-ish.

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