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Re: [IP] Just curious about Bolus

>I was just curious as to what the highest meal bolus is that someone 
has given
>to cover a meal. The highest for me at the moment is 9.9 but that's 
mainly due
>to carbohydrate ratio and pregnancy. Thanks

my highest bolus to date is 21 units (at a wedding reception with a REALLY good buffet!). i may
have given that much in several little boluses (boli?) before, but i haven't counted. my
insulin/carb ratio is currently 1:8, but i have been running high after meals lately so am
thinking i will experiment with 1:6 for a bit. i used to take shots of upward of 60 units when i
was on humalog and lantus; i've always needed a lot of insulin after the end of my 1-year
honeymoon period. currently my total insulin use is about 40 units a day-- less than a third of
what i took a year ago pre-pump.

becky (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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