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Re: [IP] Day 1 on the Animas Pump


That is certainly a means to an end.  However, it also most certainly a
backward way of doing things when a much more elegantly simple solution is
available.  My intent was not to sound-off negatively on the IR1000. Bob,
asked a straightforward question, and I attempted to answer him as honestly
and unbiasedly as I could.  You could argue that the IR1000 method of setting
a low basal/temp basal is comparable, however I am not looking for comparable,
I'm looking for better; and without question, I can tell you that the current
implementation of Temporary basals on the IR1000 is not better, for me at
least, than my current pump model.

As someone else noted, prior Animas pumps had the capability to reduce basals
down to 10% of normal.  I find it interesting that their current model does
not, especially since they can deliver basals down to hundredths of a unit.
Perhaps that is the crux of issue, by delivering basals to the nearest
hundredth, the IR1000 is incapable of breaking out these ulra low doses any
more so when asked to do so on a temporary basis.  I wonder how the original
R1000 fared when asked to do so?  Did it simply deliver less/more than

Still wish I had a backlight plus the elegant extended bolus option w/o having
to set a high temp basal (as I do on the H-tron.)

> 1) Temp Basals - On The H-Tron, basals can be set anywhere from 10% of
> regular basal all the way upto 200%.  On the Animas, I am restricted
> to using 50% - 190% (0% is also an option).  When exercising
> strenuously, say long distance bicycling, running, hiking, etc, 50%
> basals are still too high.  I often need to goto 20%-30% to maintain
> my bg @ 80-120 mg/dl.  The solution according to the pump rep is to
> create a separate basal profile that is 50% less than my normal basal,
> and then from there set a temp basal of 50%, thus equating to 25% of
> my normal basal.  I don't like this solution at all whatsoever.

I don't either, Harry!  I would instead choose to set the Prog4 Basal to the
25% of your
normal.  That would allow you greater leeway in bringing the basal down OR
Up!!!  The
number 4 would also be a good reminder that you are at 1/4th of your normal

(from the perspective of a former H-tron Pumper)
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