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[IP] Day 1 on Animas Pump

Someone wrote:

snip >3)Battery compartment - (4) 357 batteries need to be manipulated in a
tight space ever just so.  If they are inproperly inserted you need to use a
special little tool to shoehorn them out.  This same little tool is needed to
replace the red waterproofing red around the compartment every time you
the batteries.  Both of these operations require much in the way of delicate &
precise manual dexterity.....and I'm not old or infirmed, or weak. I'm only 26
y/o!  You must carry this little tool around or risk not being able to replace
your batteries (if you inserted them inproperly in the 1st place.  The H-Tron
batteries are easily changed with any US coin (used like a screwdriver to
dethread the batteries.

4)Priming - This is really dangerous in my opinion.  To prime, the pump must
active and not in suspend mode.  On the disetronic, the pump is always in
suspend to prime. <snip
I have had my Animas pump almost two years and have never carried the "little
shoehorn" tool with me with no problems at all.  All you have to do is make
sure the fabric strips are underneath the batteries when you insert them (like
most transistor radios, etc.) and then pull on the fabric strips to remove the
batteries when you change them.  I always carry extra batteries in my purse
but never the extra waterproof ring.  I figure if my batteries die when I am
out I will just replace the batteries at that time and then replace the
waterproof ring (with the needed tool) when I get back home.  You will always
get a "low battery warning" before you need to change which allows for plenty
of time to change your batteries before your pump goes dead.

Priming - I LOVE the prime feature as opposed to the other pumps.  Obviously,
you should NEVER prime with the infusion set attached to your body, so there
shouldn't be any problems regarding active or suspend.  Everytime I disconnect
to shower, bathe, etc. you can just quickly prime until you see a drop of
insulin and then just reconnect and you are set to go.

Good luck with your new pump!
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