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Re: [IP] AAAAahhhhhhhhhh INSURANCE!!!!

> OK so on September 13th I faxed the pump and supply quote along with the
> letter the insurance had sent me requesting it.  So I wait 14 days till
> finally review it, not to mention over 3 1/2 hours on hold this week
> to get through to them  and they tell me they never recieved the quote
> just the sheet asking for the quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If they got one how
> they not get the other???
> Is this some kind of joke??? I am starting to get the feeling they are
> holding off till till next July when I'm 21(then I'm not covered anymore)
> with my luck they'll finally call me on my 21st birthday and tell I'm
> approved!!  BUT I've though ahead I will be enrolled full time in school
> therefore covered fully another 4 years hahahaha.

well, yeah, it sounds pretty fishy.  do you have the confirmation sheet from
the fax?
since you'll probably have to send it again, i'd really suggest sending it
by courier, with signature required, that way they cannot lie to you about
not having received it, and you know it will get there within a few days.
more expensive, yes, but worth it.

and i so very much wish that i was fully covered by school insurance.  i
took another look at the insurance policy that the university gets us (we
pay for it, of course), and they've changed policies, so i'm still only
covered for $200 (canadian) each year for supplies.  pathetic.  it almost
makes me wish i was back in my old job, where at least i had full coverage
for drugs and supplies.
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