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RE: [IP] Trigger fingers and arthritis

Hi Donna,
Glad that the cortisone injections helped you with your trigger finger
episodes.  I guess mine were extremely severe and so I needed to have
surgery to fix them.

However, may I point out to all of you that in 1990 I had an arthrascopic
surgery performed on my right knee and I watched the whole thing on the

The surgeon pointed to a pile of white powder and told me that I had had a
cortisone injection and I asked him how I knew since it was many, many years
prior to the knee surgery.  He told me that the powder is what the cortisone
turns into and it rubs on the cartilage and causes further damage.  Since
that time, I refuse to have any sort of cortisone shots done anywhere.

Just my information, not necessarily for everyone else but wanted to make
you aware of this.

Kathy B.
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