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[IP] Sorry, The Animas Experiment is Over

I connected to the Animas IR1000 this morning @ 7AM.  I regretfully, 
disconnected @ 3:01 PM today.  A senior colleague from work walked into my 
office, to which I stood up to review some figures.  I was greeted by an alarm 
siren along with the on-screen message "Alarm 5200 Call Service".   

Talk about bad timing.

No amount of button pushing could overcome the siren.  My coworker, whether in 
jest or discomfort said, "Are you sure you're not going to explode?".  I was 
not very happy to hear this ofcourse, but I'm sure she had never even heared of 
insulin pump, let alone seen one malfunction and screaming its digital lungs 

After excusing myself, the alarm increased by adding another tone, almost 
indicative of imminent reactor meltdown.  I couldn't believe it, as if the 1st 
alarm wasn't loud enough.

I yanked the batteries out & called Tech support @ Animas.  I was told that the 
alarm was alerting me to a "Basal Delivery Error".  When I asked what that 
meant, I was informed that "The IR1000 performs 1,000 system checks per hour 
hour, when the pump detects any errors blah blah blah".  The tech took me 
through the step by step process of re-inserting the batteries, and confirming 
proper Reboot.

"Proper Reboot?" I thought, ugh.  I had visions of Operating Systems dancing in 
my head.

When the IR1000 went to it's main menu, I was told to confirm that the clock 
was still correct, as were my basal settings.  At this point, I was told that I 
could re-prime the pump and that I was ready resume pumping insulin.

I don't think so. 

When I pressed on as to why I would have received the alarm in the 1st place, 
the message was the same, "The IR1000 performs 1,000 system checks per hour 
hour, when the pump detects any errors blah blah blah".  It was at this point 
that I declined to continue pumping, and reconnected to my Disetronic H-Tron 

In 44 months of pumping with Disetronic, I have received Error Code 07 (System 
Alarm) exactly two times.  Both times it was my fault, because I had yanked on 
the tubing near the luer lock.  In 7 hours of pumping on an Animas pump I 
receive a Basal Delivery Error, and all I did was stand up.  Can any Animas 
users share with me their experiences with Alarm 5200?

I don't know what happened. Up until this point, my 1st day had been 
uneventful, which is a good thing.  I enjoyed the backlit display and even had 
some pleasure in using the Extended Bolus Feature @ lunch(on the H-Tron I a 
have to mimick this with an increased basal rate).  However, under the 
circumstances, I do not think that this pump is the one for me. 

Next up is the Disetronic D-Tron Plus.

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