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[IP] Common link in foot structure of DMers


A group of researchers has identified common changes in the foot
structure of those diagnosed with diabetes. The changes were found to
occur in the tissue and bone structure of feet.

Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine examined
the forefoot structure of 32 people, 16 with diabetes with previous
foot ulcers and 16 control participants. The researchers noted and
described any differences between the foot structure of the two

In addition, the researchers utilized computed tomography to display
a three-dimensional image of the foot, which allowed them to identify
and measure internal and external soft tissue, bone structure and
joint disease.

The researchers learned that diabetics possessed much lower muscle
density on the soles of their feet. The results also indicated that
overweight people in the control group possessed less dense muscle
tissue on their soles. However, this relationship between body weight
and density of the sole muscle was not noted in those with diabetes.

The results are significant because they may lead to a better
understanding of foot structure changes and an improvement in the
prevention and treatment of foot ulcers. Such ulcers are a common
complication of diabetes and the primary cause of lower extremity
amputations in the United States.

The study appeared in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.
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