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RE: [IP] Interviewing and Job Advice

What kind of engineering are you hoping to do?  If you're going to work in
an industrial environment, you may be asked to change from your street
clothes to some kind of protective wear at different times during the day.
That presents it's own set of problems.  As a nuclear engineer working in a
power station I was expected to don protective gear and supervise jobs
inside reactor containment vessels.  If you work in an office environment
you won't have such issues.  Ask about travel; both in the US and abroad.
Travel will place a greater burden on you to have extra supplies,
prescriptions, etc. on hand and ready to go at a moment's notice.  Figure
out what your work environment is going to be like.

This one is a little touchy at the initial interview, but find a way to ask
about the company work ethic.  As a D you need some time for yourself to
take care of yourself and your disease.  Working for a startup where you
sleep 3 hours a day under your desk is not conducive to good diabetic

Once you have the job and you start working should you tell someone about
your condition?  YES!  Pick someone you get on well with and explain your
condition, and let them know where your glucagon set is and how to use it
(you do have one of those, don't you?).  
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