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[IP] pumps dying

I know how you feel.  We have had Maverick's pump just stop working on us
twice. (minimed 508) When I called Minimed, they said they would send a
loaner by next day air, and to use my back up plan.  What back up plan?
Maverick has never had injections, and frankly, I wasn't even sure what to
do.  One time his doctor wanted to correct a high (over 600) with an
injection.  Because of Maverick being so little, the correction bolus was
only supposed to be 1/2 unit.  If you have never tried to draw up a 1/2
unit, let me tell you, it is not fun.  So, I was scared to give injections
if he was not high.  I thought for sure I would bottom him out.  I called
his endo, and he said he had a loaner I could come get.  I was thrilled, and
quickly made the 90 mile drive.  The same thing happened the second time
(new pump by the way).  Maverick was recently upgraded to a Paradigm.
Minimed let me keep his old 508 as a backup, just in case.  I am thrilled to
never have to worry about that again.  I remember feeling so stressed, I was
crying when I called the endo.
Best of luck to you!
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