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Re: [IP] Frozen shoulder--does pain ever go away?


I have had frozen shoulder in BOTH shoulders, so I
speak from my experience, not from "expert" knowledge.

1)  The pain WILL go away.  The first episode I had
was in my R shoulder about 7 years ago.  I had a
closed manipulation done on it followed by *rigorous*
physical therapy.  The key was to not allow it to
adhese again.  The PT hurt more than the actual

The 2nd episode I had was about 4 years ago on my L
shoulder.  Kept me from making a good toss for my
tennis serve - could only raise my arm to waist level
from the elbow!  This time had a manipulation and some
kind of surgery (I seem to remember it was something
like carpal tunnel related).  This one has been the
bugger to return to normal.  I have NEARLY full range
of motion.  Just the other day realized I can now put
my arm behind my back.  Wow.  My tennis serve toss is
excellent too!

2)  YES - you will be able to sleep on that shoulder

TIME is the key to it all.  My research revealed one
consistent theme - even if you do NOT have treatment -
you will heal eventually (but no mention of HOW LONG
evenutally is...).

One thing both the surgeon and the physical therapist
kept reminding me: the pain does not mean you are
re-injuring your shoulder.  In fact, if the shoulder
is hurting upon motion - you are actually doing it
some *good* since you are forcing the adhesions to
tear.  YEOUCH!

-gail in denver
dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11, pumping since 1985-ish.

I've read the posts about frozen shoulder with a great
deal of interest. 


My question: even if I never regain my full range of
motion (behind the back and trying to apply lotion to
my good shoulder from the front are both killers),
will the pain that accompanies moving my frozen
shoulder a bit past its stopping point ever dissipate?


P.S.  Will I ever be able to sleep on that shoulder

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