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[IP] Re: Testing in the middle of the night

In a message dated 10/3/02 8:06:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I'm so moved by the tenderness in the many mid-night testing 
> experiences.  Your children are very, very lucky to have you.
> Nancy

Hi Nancy,
     Well I had to LOL at this, concerning me.  When I test Claire in the 
middle of the night it usually or often goes like this:  I slip into the room 
quietly, gently pick up her finger and lance it, she stirs and puts her hand 
forcefully into a fist, under her pillow.  I try to gently move her hand to 
get that drop of blood I think is probably there, though it is most likely 
smeared by now.  She wakes enough to start squawking at me--go away, and 
other rude noises.  I gently whisper to her, Mummy is going to do your test 
now, she screams "go away!!".  Then I have to wake her completely and she 
says "I'll do it myself!!!".  She picks up the lancing device, and her head 
droops and she falls asleep.  This can take 20 minutes or more.  And by 20 
minutes, there isn't much tenderness in my voice.  In the past at times I've 
tried to use force and hold her finger and lance it, but fingers are 
slippery.  There have been one hour battle of wills over doing this (pre-pump 
days--now she understands the importance of night checks).  Night time bg 
checks are my absolute worst thing about living with DM and have created huge 
amounts of stress in me.  I absolutely hate waking a sleeping toddler, 
pre-schooler and now a young child.
     I have thought about buying the Freestyle meter (now available in 
Canada) to see if perhaps she might sleep through an arm test.  But one Mom 
wrote back that she didn't think this would help.  I would dearly love to be 
able to wake at 3, test Claire without waking her, and go back to sleep 
myself.  Unfortunately it just doesn't happen and has never happened 
regularly in 5 1/2 years.  Once in awhile she is so exhausted she sleeps 
through it, but that is usually a test before midnight.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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