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Re: [IP] blood/bone marrow donation

> every fall my college holds a massive blood drive coupled with a drive to
get people tested for a
> national bone marrow registry. i am very much interested in getting
involved, but i don't know
> whether i am allowed to do either. i have heard conflicting reports on
whether or not diabetics
> can give blood or donate marrow. i'm a registered organ donor, which the
virginia dmv didn't seem
> to have a problem with even though they know about my diabetes. if i can't
participate, i'll still
> work to get other people to get tested, but i would love to be able to be
a part of it myself.

i know that in canada, the blood services will not accept blood from insulin
dependent diabetics.  bone marrow may be a different matter, but i think
they worry about the diabetic having problems when losing the blood (of
course, they should see how much blood i lose for my doctor every 6 month or
so - 11 vials it was the last time (for the gp, not the endo)).

i wish i could still give blood, i started when i was 17, gave for a while,
but then got ill, and then my iron levels dropped too much, and then i got a
tattoo, and then finally it was the diabetes.  my father gives like
clockwork though, and mom gives when she's feeling well enough.  i think my
brother gives fairly frequently too.
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