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Re: [IP] Frozen shoulder--does pain ever go away?

> I've read the posts about frozen shoulder with a great deal of
> interest. However, my one pressing question has yet to be answered. 
> I broke my shoulder almost a year ago--and was diagnosed with frozen
> shoulder (of course, more common with diabetes) while undergoing
> therapy.  The three breaks in my shoulder healed, but I have yet to
> regain full range of motion.
> My question: even if I never regain my full range of motion (behind
> the back and trying to apply lotion to my good shoulder from the

You probably will regain full range of motion if you continue to 
stretch and exercise the shoulder. I've had it in both sholders, not 
bad in the right -- spontaneously healed, and awful in the left with 
almost 18 months of PT. That was 5 years or so ago and slowly over 
the last few years with much stretching, etc... I have full range of 
motion again. When I started PT, I could not raise my arm above 
shoulder height. When PT was complete, I had 90% or better range of 
motion and it has improved since then. It still hurts a little 
sometimes, and there are certain types of motions that will provoke 
it -- like stacking boxes, even very light ones, or throwing a ball. 
But.... considering all the hassle, it works pretty good now.

> front are both killers), will the pain that accompanies moving my
> frozen shoulder a bit past its stopping point ever dissipate? 

Sounds like you still have adhesions. Regular exercise and 
stretching, i.e. pushing the limit of range of motion will slowly 
improve things. It helps to have your partner assist with rotating 
the shoulder. i.e. lying flat, elbow pointed down, hand up, push the 
sholder flat and hand back while keeping the elbow flat or slightly 
elevated to torque the sholder. Your PT's should show you how to do 
these kinds of joint stretches.

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