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Re: [IP] Day 1 on the Animas Pump

On 3 Oct 2002 at 15:01, email @ redacted wrote:

> Bob,
> Have you used any other insulin pumps before?  Keep in mind, my
> perspective is that of a Disetronic H-Tron Plus user.
> 1) Temp Basals - On The H-Tron, basals can be set anywhere from 10% of
> regular basal all the way upto 200%.  On the Animas, I am restricted
> to using 50% - 190% (0% is also an option).  When exercising
> strenuously, say long distance bicycling, running, hiking, etc, 50%
> basals are still too high.  I often need to goto 20%-30% to maintain
> my bg @ 80-120 mg/dl.  The solution according to the pump rep is to
> create a separate basal profile that is 50% less than my normal basal,
> and then from there set a temp basal of 50%, thus equating to 25% of
> my normal basal.  I don't like this solution at all whatsoever.

I don't either, Harry!  I would instead choose to set the Prog4 Basal to the 25% of your 
normal.  That would allow you greater leeway in bringing the basal down OR Up!!!  The 
number 4 would also be a good reminder that you are at 1/4th of your normal basal.

(from the perspective of a former H-tron Pumper)
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