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Re: [IP] Insulin to carb ratio

Bob from Illinois,

  Do you, or you DE, have the book, PUMPING INSULIN b y John Walsh, 3rd 
edition?  This is THE BOOK on pumping and he has all of this GREAT and 
wonderful information in there, always at your finger tips!!  AND, you can ge 
this book right now online through this list's book page.  AND, when you 
purchase anything through this link, this list will receive a much needed 
donation from Amazon at the end of each month!!!

As for CI ratios, Josh has FOUR of them, depending on the time of day, what 
his activity level is or going to be, etc.  There really is no one ratio that 
HAS to be used all of the itme.  And like everything else with this darn 
disease it is a YMMV (your mileage may vary) type of thing.  Sow hat one 
person may do is not necessarily going to be what someone else will do too!

Good Luck!  But DO get the book!!

mom to Joshua
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