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[IP] Re: Symptoms which AREN'T from diabetes

I've been noticing a lot of postings about "symptoms" of possible 
complications from diabetes.  However, many of them are unrelated to 
diabetes in any way.  Tinnitus (sp?) or ringing of the ears, for 
example, I have NEVER heard of being a complication.  It can result 
from be exposed to brief extremely load sounds, prolonged exposure to 
louder-than-normal sounds, and even long-term exposure to low-level 
sounds (such as low-pitched machinery, etc.)  

I'm bringing this up because there is a danger here.  First, if we 
start "blaming" diabetes for those things, we might not get the proper 
care we need for those things.  Second, we can start to start anecdotal 
diagnosis over the internet of problems, and start a "rumor" of sorts 
going about a tie-in.  This is what happened, for example, with 
vaccinations and autism.  People started "seeing" a connection, and so 
the idea spread, until there are people out there who aren't 
vaccinating because of fear of autism (or other problems) despite the 
fact there is no medical evidence supporting, plus plenty of medical 
evidence demonstrating there is no connection.

On the other hand, ANY medical symptom you are experiencing should be 
brought up to a doctor, even if there is no connection to diabetes.  
Your endo may just simply say, "You need to see your general doctor" or 
something...but it is always a good idea to mention anything to a 
doctor.  But, be aware that JUST bringing something up to your endo may 
not be a good idea.  There is so much medical information out there 
that no doctor can know everything.  That is why there are 
specialists!  :-)  

I think there are a lot of "complications" of diabetes out there that 
are not actually complications.  Even those things that typically COULD 
be complications may not be from the diabetes.  For example, heart 
disease.  While diabetics are at greater risk, if you develop heart 
disease, it could be completely unrelated to your diabetes, but 
instead, related to your diet, or genetics, etc.

Something to think about.
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