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Re: [IP] Re: Testing in the Middle of the Night

I may sound like a lone voice here, but I have to say, I don't set any
alarms to check my son at night.  I also can't say I have ever slept through
the night since his birth, either, though.  It is not that I don't love my
son.  I do tremendously, but we have been able to manage without a strict
schedule.  I have had many nights of checking him every 2 hours until he was
under control.
First of all, I go to bed late, and I check him before I go.  My husband
gets up early, and he checks him.  If his basals are set correctly,  we
usually have a pretty predictable pattern of his blood sugars.  I will get
up to check him if I am unsure of the exact amount of carbs he had for
dinner, or something like that.  And of course, if he is sick.  But, in
general, Maverick will cry out if he gets anywhere out of whack (usually at
around 60 or 300).  I know it may sound bad to say I am waiting for a sign,
but I can say that he has not had any drastic lows in the last year, so it
must be working.  He has had highs, but I have always known about them
before he went to bed,  and he was checked until the problem was corrected.
I hope that the mother that asked the question will be strong enough to
follow her instincts.  When Maverick was an infant, his bs was all over the
place.  I checked him twelve times a day.  People criticized me then, but I
wasn't comfortable with anything less, and I didn't listen to them.  I am
still not listening to them.
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