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Re: [IP] Paradigm question

Subject: [IP] Paradigm question

>For you Paradigm users or those who might know.  When the Paradigm was 
>advertised it was supposed to work with any infusion set, ie Luer Lock 
>but it would only be water tight with the infusion sets designed
>specifically for the Paradigm.  Now on the Medtronic website it states 
>the Paradigm can only be used with the Paradigm infusion sets.  So 
what is
>the story?  Is there an adapter that allows you to use Leur Lock style 
infusion sets, or must you use the Mini-Med sets?

I read that under the assumption that they meant all of the infusion 
sets that Medtronic/Mini-med made for past pumps are available for the 
Paradigm as well. I never assumed that it meant any infustion set will 
work with the Paradigm.  

Anyhow, as far as I'm aware, you must use the sets specifically made 
for the Paradigm due to the change in the connector to ensure water 
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