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Re: [IP] Quick-Set Advice/hints

> try.  These are MUCH easier to insert, so we are trying one today.  I 
> looking for any advice from those of you who use Quick sets.  What
> problems might we be looking for?  On a 107 lb 5 tall young man would
> you recommend 6mm or the 9mm?  Thanks in advance to any advice.

I'm 154 lbs, and 5'10".  I use the 9mm.  Actually, I wasn't even asked 
which kind, and I was hoping they would send me the 6mm, since I used 
to use the short needle syringes.  But, they sent the 9mm.  While the 
insertion initially hurts sometimes, I can't feel the 9mm after that 
unless I give a rather large bolus.  I've heard some say that the 6mm 
is more likely to pull out.  Personally, I'm fine with the 9mm...but 
someday I will probably give the 6mm a try if only to avoid the 
insertion pain.

Now, at 107 lbs, you probably would more likely consider the 6mm.  The 
6mm is aimed at those with very little body fat and/or lots of 
muscle.  :-)  While I have relatively little body fat, I do NOT have 
lots of muscle. 
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